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Emergency Lighting

What is Emergency lighting ?

Emergency lighting is  used for an emergency situation when the normal lighting supply fails and has lost its power due to loss of mains electricity which can happen by a fire or a power cut and any normal lighting fails. This can plunge a room or corridor into sudden darkness and could cause panic and put any persons in this area to panic and can be dangerous and very difficult to leave a building in this way.

We are NICEIC Approved contractor ,issuing landlords certificates ,for licensed properties and complying with BS 5266. We can help you with designing as well as installation and servicing of your emergency lighting. With over twenty years experience and helping many landlords and businesses comply with the Law.

All Emergency lighting has its own power source and operates automatically when power has been lost. and provides adequate lighting of a sufficiently high enough level to enable all persons to evacuate the premises safely. All new buildings should have emergency lighting installed during its construction the design and type of emergency lighting will have been designed and specified by the architect in accordance with current  BS 5266 Building Regulations and any local authority.