North Wales smoke alarms-Check your smoke alarm monthly.

smoke alarms Denbighshire

Keeping your safe at home and in your business.

Wireless radio linked and Mains 230 volt operated smoke alarms for domestic properties,hotels,many other types of premises.

You must install your smoke and heat detectors on every floor,make a plan so everyone knows the best way to escape if there is a fire.Keep all routes clear of obstacles.Take care in your kitchen,especially with children.Candles need to away from any materials and in holders.DO not overload any sockets.Keep lighters away from children.Make sure cigarettes are put out,do not smoke in bed.Unplug appliances which are on standby.

Both wireless and hardwired comply with British standards.The wireless smoke and heat detectors are radio linked and are installed quickly with less disturbance and without upheaval.

All letting agents and private landlords must be now licensed in domestic properties and comply with current regulations and have all detectors tested and certified.

We install both domestic and commercial smoke detectors, mains operated and battery operated category D this type of detector,has both mains 240 volt supply also a battery as a back up.

All are guaranteed for ten years.We install optical smoke detectors and ionization smoke detectors.We also install heat detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Aico being the most commonly used in domestic premises.

Unlike detectors off your local fire service our detectors are mains operated and interlinked.Which comply with BS 5839 parts 1 and 6.

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