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If a fire does break out , you may want to put the fire out yourself.

You would require training to use the fire extinguisher.

All fire extinguishers require to be serviced annually.

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Fire extinguishers

Types Of Fire Extinguishers

Look at the materials which are in the area where you need a fire extinguisher Identify the type of materials and install fire extinguisher in correct place to tackle any potential fire,

Class A:  Used for paper and wood
Class B:  used for petrol and flammable liquids
Class C:   used for propane and flammable gasses
Class D: used for metals such as aluminium
Class E: used for electrical fires
Class F: Used for Cooking oils


Your fire extinguishers should be readily accessible throughout your escape routes and through out your working areas. Please call for advice and help in getting your fire protection correct. We can help yourself with your annual fire risk assessment.

With over twenty years in fire protection industry ,we will help yourself comply within the law ,protecting both life and and property.