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Fire risk assessments

Book your fire risk assessment in North Wales & Anglesey.

The requirement for all businesses is to have a fire risk assessment in place an FRA its important to get this this is the beginning process of protecting lives and your property This will help you understand and aid awareness of how much you may need to spend if anything at all.and will reduce any person from fire risks.

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Restaruants
  • Apartments & HMO’s
  • Shops

An experienced assessor will firstly complete a visual inspection and list at what you have in place,Then look at what you may require to get to a satisfactory standard of fire safety.and the third part is to put in place corrective procedures which are needed.

This guidance is to help businesses where the law requires a written record of the significant findings of the fire risk assessment. This must be done if your business employs five or more people. This includes part time staff and where the staff work in different locations for the same company or employer; such as three offices with two employees in each office.You may have sub-divided apartments which will require a fire risk assessment by your local council..

Fire risk assessment

Your Fire Risk Assessment looks at servicing of fire extinguishing equipment, fire alarm systems ,all escape routes, you have fire plans in place, door locks are suitable,fire doors are installed correctly, training undertaken, escape route signage is correct, etc…….All the reports comply with “The Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005”.

You can check legislation on the following goverment websites and links

Also as part of your fire risk assessment an assessor will look at types of persons using or living the building and the layout if people are aware of any complex routes for example,an experience assessor will know what to look at a financial viewpoint and will help you save money.

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