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Your local fire service often will complete regular random checks on businesses and the penalties can be quite severe if you do not comply with the law we are here to help.

Who ever is the person in control of the business must make sure you have a fire risk assessment , you could be fined  some cases sent to prison for non-compliance of the fire safety laws.Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety ) Order.

Your fire service has the right to issue your business with a prohibition order or an improvement notice.If a improvement notice has been issued this can be completed in a certain time with the right company and contractors to complete your work.

A fire risk assessment is a requirement of British law for all businesses employing five or more people as well as sub-contracting workers may make your business as employing five people.Fire safety law can be quite daunting to many businesses but many solutions can be very inexpensive to overcome.Our fire risk assessments are designed to help any business overcome any significant findings.

The responsible person must make sure a fire risk assessment has been undertaken by a competent company and any significat findings are acted upon.

As experienced fire assessors we understand that your business and we can will help you if you if require to correct any significant findings which may have been highlighted in your fire risk assessment.

We can help guide you through any corrective measures.We will be looking at your Fire extinguishers, fire alarm panel,emergency lighting and your fire training and your fire plans etc.

Your fire risk assessment is must comply with “The Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005” you may want to look to certain government websites helping you understand this process.

Also during your fire risk assessment we will be looking at any persons who maybe occupying,sleeping or working at your building.


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