Check your smoke detector weekly.

Do you have smoke detection installed?

When did you last check your smoke alarm?

Do you have smoke detection installed in your home or if you are a landlord, it is now a legal requiremet.

Also if you have solid fuel or gas appliances you will also require a battery operated carbon monoxide detector in each room.

Common causes of fire at home.

  • Electrical faults. Extension leads being left uncoiled,especially if used for heating.Mobile phone chargers.
  • Cooking.Chip pans and toasters typicall left unattended
  • Call the
Keeping you safe in your home .

Call the local fire authority , to see if you could have free smoke detectors installed.You can also fill in a request online.

Protect your family, for a free visit to your home, avoids the devastation and tragedy a fire can cause.

Click on the link to contact your local fire authority.

The smoke detectors that we install are mains operated as well have battery back -up.

These should be installed in circulation areas.

Bottom and top of the stairs.Also a heat detector in the kitchen.

We also recommend you have a carbon monoxide detector installing.

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